MtG Nationals


Can I enter the Nationals?

You must be qualified to enter the Australian Nationals. Please see the list of qualified players here. If you are not qualified for the event, then you can play in Last Chance Qualifiers.

Is there a cut to day two?

No, you can play in all swiss rounds of the Nationals.

Where is the best place to stay in Canberra?

Take a look at the Accommodation section for some suggestions.

Will there be side events?

Yes, Magic: the Gathering Australian National Championships will also have a side event program.

It didn't go so well for me, can I drop from Nationals and get my booster draft product before the Sunday Draft portion of the event so I can play side events?

Yes, at the end of Day 1 after Round 7 we will be offering players to drop from the event if they wish. We will give those players 3 boosters of Core Set 2019 Instead of having to draft the following day.

Can I submit my decklist for the main event ahead of time?
Yes! Email Be sure that the list includes your name and DCI# so that we can connect it with you at the event. You can use this online tool to generate your decklists.